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"There is enormous potential for the growth of European-Japanese trade. JEBS offers deep expertise from a senior businessman who has held hands-on responsibilities at the top of a leading Japanese company."

Said Roger Haywood, past chairman of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

"JEBS is a unique organisation - promoting two-way trade between medium and small business in Japan and Europe. We have been successful in obtaining new business in Japan and with Japanese enterprises in the UK through our involvement with JEBS. We continue the close association between our two organizations."

Said Peter M. Fish, Managing Director, MEPS (Europe) Limited




Building effective European/Japanese business links

Japan Europe Business Support (JEBS) Limited has been formed to offer specialist business advice. This is relevant both to Japanese companies looking to develop markets in Europe, and European companies looking to create new opportunities either with Japanese companies in Europe or in Japan itself.

Managing director of JEBS is Yutaka Harada,previously the managing director of NKK Europe; he was responsible for the operations in Europe of this major Japanese steel manufacturing, engineering and shipbuilding company for four years. Prior to this, he was a manager of overseas marketing and sales in NKK's steel and engineering division which developed his expertise in International business

His background is in steel, although he describes himself as a general manager with an orientation towards the commercial and marketing areas.

JEBS is helping medium sized and smaller Japanese companies to develop business opportunities in the European market as well as European companies targeting the Japanese market. The company will assist in major negotiations and help find representatives or distributors. In addition, it can offer an intelligence service to its clients.

JEBS can help clients in the area of relationships between Europe and Japan at all stages: from making a proposal; or planning negotiations; through to closing the deal. At every step, an understanding of the differences (and similarities) between the Japanese and European way of business can be critical to success.

JEBS mission is to work together with clients to maximize business opportunities, ensuring quality service to satisfy individual client needs. An investment in accurate information and perceptive intelligence can reap dividends.






Adding the inside-track expertise that makes the difference


European Representative office for Japanese enterprises

Services offered include:

  1. Contact point in Europe
  2. Marketing(including market research*/sales promotional campaigns)
  3. Collection of information on European markets
  4. Arrangements and assistance for visits from Japan
  5. Other business services as requested by clients

* Our market research can cover existing products channels, business customs, competitiveness, pricing comparisons relevant regulations and marketability.

Sales agent for Japanese companies selling their products in European markets

Services offered include:

  1. Collection of market information and intelligence
  2. Marketing(market research*/sales promotion campaigns)
  3. Sales activities support and contract negotiations
  4. Assistance with sales and customer aftercare
  5. Other sales support services requested by clients

Business consultant for European companies going into the Japanese market

Services offered include:

  1. Advice on Japanese business practices in relevant sectors
  2. Selection of Japanese partner (such as joint venture partner, sales agent, distributor or representative)
  3. Collection of market information and intelligence
  4. Marketing advice including distribution, sales and promotion
  5. Other business advisory services requested by clients

Purchasing agent for Japanese companies procuring goods from European markets

Services offered include:

  1. Collection of market information and intelligence
  2. Market research and product evaluation
  3. Purchasing activities ( including request for quotations and contract negotiation)
  4. Inspection and expediting
  5. Other procurement services requested by clients




JEBS can develop and maintain client relations with many key groups including Japanese and European traders, manufacturers, public relations consultancies, retailers, consulting companies, leasing companies, banks, advertising agencies, research companies, development bureaux, universities, solicitors, chartered accountants, both European and Japanese national and local governments.

Through our association with the Worldcom group, we can also offer support, advice and intelligence in 100 of the world's major business capitals.


12 September 1995



Yutaka Harada

April 1965

July 1991

July 1993

July 1995

Born 12 September 1939

Entered NKK Corporation

Managing Director, NKK UK Ltd.

Managing Director, NKK Europe Ltd.

Took early retirement to form JEBS with the approval and support of NKK



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